Pros And Cons Of Legalization Of Prostitution

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LEGALIZATION OF PROSTITUTION: AN AQUISECENSE OR DIVERGENCE 'Prostitution forms an age-worn but interesting chapter in the history of civilization and presents an important problem for modern society. All civilized countries have offered solutions, none of which are satisfactory, and only a few of them have even modified its baneful influence '-
-Arnold Clarkson

Prostitution is one of the oldest profession which have been practice since the birth of human civilization, where women have been driven to sell their conscience to carry out a means of survival. In India, the Vedas speak about prostitution being one of the organized and established institutions. Such women are expected to satisfy the uncontainable vice of male
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In Indian culture and traditions however, prostitution has prevailed in some form or the other but the evil continue to persist. In viewing the legalization of prostitution one must take into account all the pros and cons of the situation. But more importantly nothing has been achieved so far and even if there are some solutions, there is the lack of effect of these so called solutions. If we generally look at moral vice that is drawn by the wide spread prostitution, it can be said that it is deteriorating the dignity of women. If we really have to bring the women in equal par with men then they should not be compelled indulge in the activities which will lead to social…show more content…
The arguments are endless as to whether legalizing prostitution is an advantage or a shortcoming. However, the cons outweigh the pros significantly. Except when it’s illegal, sex workers suffer even more because they have no recourse if they’re abused, raped, robbed, or otherwise victimized. It’s even easier for pimps to exploit them. Legalization clearly doesn’t solve these problems; rather it classifies those women who are looked down upon. Also it leads to complicacies because of the dearth of laws regarding them. It gives recognition to women in a negative way which is not desirable.
Legalizing Prostitution Expands the Sex Industry: One of the many cons of legalizing prostitution is that it actually promotes illegal sex trafficking. Many pro-legalization people will claim that legalization controls the sex industry. However, if anything, it only expands it. Legalizing Prostitution Increases Hidden Prostitution Legalization schemes, while they may seemingly be operational from the outside, actually increase hidden prostitution for numerous reasons. To start, it makes women register.
The safety policies in many legal brothels simply do not protect women from harm. Women who work in these brothels have indicated that they were abused by buyers, brothel owners, and even their

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