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In the passage, “Public Transportation is the Way to Go” it discusses one 's opinion on it. It doesn’t give any cons to it, just all the pros. It says how this can save you money, save gas, take you places faster if you don’t have a vehicle, and allow you to do other things while on the bus/train; like reading, napping, playing on your electronic device, etc. There are pros and cons to this, of course like anything else in the world. The first reason why public transportation is good is that it will save you money. Anyone who owns a vehicle should know how much money keeping one, and maintaining one costs. It’s not a pretty number. It can take thousands out of your pocket yearly. In the article it says, “They may also save money, because it may be cheaper than driving a car and there are often no parking fees at the station.” This shows that most likely it will be cheaper than keeping up with your vehicle payments. Doesn’t public transportation cost money though? Yes, it does, but the price does not compare to thousands of dollars yearly. It’s a mere few bucks taken out of your pocket. Although this is good for most people it can harm others. Car dealerships may go out of business. This will make the company lose money and cause peoples jobs. It’s not easy trying to find a new job. Gas…show more content…
In the article it says, “Of course, buses also emit gases. Even so, more passengers riding the bus lowers the emissions per passenger-mile.” This proves that although it does use gas it uses less than multiple vehicles constantly getting more gas. Of course, there are cons to this too. Yes, saving gas can save the country money. As I stated in the last paragraph though gas prices will skyrocket and the bus driver will have to pay more and more to get their customers around. Also, gas may become harder to get because of only buses getting it, so bus drivers would have to travel further to get it. This means they would have to buy more gas for a higher

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