Should Families Decide Criminal Punishment Essay

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Families finally decide punishment for criminal! Families should be mentally stable also know what really happen. The family should know and understand why the crime happened, and if it is a precontemplated act or just the member of the family being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Research should be done to see who is affected by the criminal’s actions. If it is being looked at from a “constraining” point of view the sentencings should be harsh, because the more serve the punishment the less likely they are to re-offend. Families of rape and murder victims should be allowed to decide the punishment for criminals. When families decide the punishment there is more satisfaction because then they know that there was action taken against the criminal who affected their family. All though it is feared to end in cruel and unusual punishment, there are laws in place to prevent the use of cruel and unusual punishment. Families of…show more content…
The family should be given the choice if they want to act against the criminal, if not they should let the court go through the court system. There are also laws to stop the family from using excessive fines and excessive bail. The 8Th amendment is one of those laws in place to stop the family from using cruel and unusual punishment, excessive fines and excessive bail. The defender always has a right to an attorney if they want to fight the case (Akhbari). There is also a part of this amendment that prohibits juveniles from being put to death, they will be put on trial again after they turn eighteen. There should be more restrictions for the family that decides. There should be a good reason for the family to decide such as murder or rape, not for little crimes like theft or grand theft auto. The criminal should understand the extent of the crime before they are put on

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