Gender Inequality In The United States

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The statement holds many truths. Our constitution states that all men are created equal regardless of race, or gender. Where individuals live should never factor into the equation of being poor or rich. Some are more fortunate than others, but we live in a society that is unjust where evidence of inequality based has become a factor. Instead of progress, we seem to be drifting from being a society that is one. Many racial minorities face challenges that keep them in the poverty level. Poverty and race present a complex picture for minorities, even whites that are considered poor by standards of society are not considered poor as those of minority groups. Race barriers have hindered America values, in 2000 when we witnessed a remarkable economic…show more content…
When money is used for retirement or stocks this puts them at a disadvantage and they suffer from the loss of money. The social economic status not only affect income it affects education, physical and mental health. There exists inequality of distribution of health resource, race and ethnicity will usually determine one’s social economic. Minority racial groups will experience multidimensional poverty than their white counterparts (, n.d.). When minorities are considered poor their neighborhoods will usually have high rates of the crime. With the prevalent issue of crime comes incarceration for many individuals within the minority community. When members of a minority group face jail or prison time they must consider how they will be represented, whether they can afford an attorney, or will the courts appoint them one. The public defender system has undergone criticism most of the offices are understaffed, underfunded, and low salaries for attorneys with very little legal staff support makes it difficult to represent clients in an effective…show more content…
Private attorneys have the legal staff that will usually do the footwork for them. Some have private investigators and their team of legal experts help with many cases. If I am facing charges in the criminal justice system for me I would have to have a private attorney, although the outcome of any trial should be won or lost based on the circumstances and evidence that was presented. With private attorneys, you get expert opinions, forensic experts in the field, staff to investigate charges, potential witnesses interviewed by the legal staff. The overall experience will be better when facing criminal charges, the chance of a lesser sentence is greater for me.
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