Pros And Cons Of Racism Laws

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Racism is a problem that has not been addressed as properly as it can or should be. Racism laws have protected many U.S citizens and continue to today but many incidents of racism go by unnoticed. Racism laws should be more strictly enforced because incidences of racism are on the rise, the first amendment of the constitution protects freedom of speech and religion, and it would prevent innocent people from being suspected of crimes based on their religion/race.

Racism laws should be more strictly enforced because incidences of racism are on the rise. An example, of my first reason that racism has gone way too far is when Republican Candidate Donald Trump requested that all muslim immigration/travel to the U.S be banned “temporarily”(see link)Donald Trump: Ban all Muslim travel to U.S..Obvisously, Banning all Muslim travel and immigration to the U.S is a guarantee of weakening the economy. If racism continues like this tension is sure to create a wall between different races and religions in the U.S. Another example is, when three innocent student were shot to death near their apartment near the University of North Carolina.(see Link North Carolina prosecutor details the shootings of 3 Muslims students) Apparently, The thing that makes this incident a good example is that these three students were killed out
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Many incidents have been included but many more exist, action can be taken and just putting the topic aside will allow to grow and spread like a deadly disease. Thank you for taking the time to listen to this problem I hope this goes through your mind every time an innocent woman or man gets suspected and shot for no apparent reason other than his/her race or
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