Pros And Cons Of Railroad Crossing

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When you are crossing a railroad, there are many things that you need to do to cross safely. You always have to slow down when coming up on a railroad. Then if the lights are on, you must stop between 15-50 feet away from the nearest rail. As soon as the train has passed and the lights turn off and the bar comes back up, you may pass. At night, do not assume that a train isn't coming. Look down the track in both ways to make sure none are coming and then you can cross if there are none. If the lights are flashing you MUST stop. If the lights are not working properly, look both ways and if you can see clearly a mile down each way and there are no trains, you may pass. Do not attempt to drive through, around, or under any crossing gate or barrier, it could…show more content…
Things are a little different when you are driving a motorcycle, bike, school bus, or a truck carrying hazardous materials. With a motorcycle or a bike approach the crossing with caution, and do not swerve to get a better angle for crossing. For a school bus, you must stop at every crossing. Look both ways and when it is all clear you may pass. With a truck carrying hazardous materials, slow down safely and go only when it is completely clear. If possible, it is best to avoid railroad crossings. Some safety tips for crossing a railroad crossing are to expect a train on any track at any time because trains don't always run on a timed schedule. Also, don't get trapped on a railroad crossing. It is dangerous to stay on a crossing; once you start going, go until you are done crossing. Watch out for second trains. Never drive around gates, they are there for a reason. Never race a train, that's just dumb. At night, be especially alert at railroad crossings. Be aware that train headlights might malfunction and not be on so you might not see a train coming until it is too late. Light rails are being used in Salt Lake City and are expanding. They use electric wires overhead to receive

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