What Are The Benefits Of Raising The Driving Age

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Driving Age

Based on the article “Teen Drivers: Get the Facts” researchers have found that more than 2 thousand people in The United State of America between the ages 16-19 were killed because driving accidents, and more than 2 hundred thousand were injured and sent to the Emergency room because of the dangerous accident. Everyone can notice that the legal driving age is 18 in most of the countries around the world. Such as, in Switzerland, Spain, Kuwait, Poland, Portugal, Romania, and Bulgaria. On the other hand, Western African nation of Niger has the oldest legal age to have a driving license which is 23 years old. Having a driving license at a young age which is teenager is very dangerous. However, other people claim that having a license for young people is very important and needed nowadays and there is no reason that makes people think about raising the legal driving age. Although some may object raising the driving age, this regulation is a necessity because the teenager is irresponsible at
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For example, the babies start walking in small age and that makes them to practice until they become older and walk better. It would be unfair if someone said you have to wait until they become 10 years old, and to told them start to walk. It may be true that raising the age will not let the teenager to learn in young age and be better after. However, people should realize the fact that teenager and young people are not responsible enough and reckless to drive in a long road alone. Young people can practice until they achieve the 21, and that makes them on the safe side, which is they are going to be better drivers. Government must decide if kids that are immature should be drive in the road and go any place they want than raising the age to twenty
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