Pros And Cons Of Random Drug Testing In Schools

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Random Drug testing performed in schools is a major topic up for debate. The act of performing random drug testing is simply randomly picking out individuals and screening them for drug use or other illegal substance use. There are two sides to the issue and each one has their own individual pros and cons. Here we can observe the various techniques that each side uses present to support their argument in order to convince the differing audiences to veer in their direction. Numerous sources are gathered to articulate the data of which is presented to the audience. Although the world has varying opinions on the actions of random drug testing being helpful in schools, it provides both equally negative and positive impacts on schools it is implemented…show more content…
Here they see their rights to privacy, an implied “other” right in the ninth Amendment is being interfered with. As for many of these parents they have a strong belief that the school is invading their privacy. Students are, more times than not, on some type of medication. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, when these drug test are conducted they can detect not only illicit drugs but everyday medications that students take, such as, OxyContin and Vicodin. By the school having knowledge of medications students take outside of school for various injuries and mental issues the students can feel unsafe and that there is no longer a barrier of privacy between them . They also sense a breaking of trust between them and the people in authority of them as…show more content…
Although the students have rights, many of them are not aware of what they are. Schools will then abuse their power and conduct the testing on the students. The following is one family’s story and the issues they encountered. “Rebecca’s son, a junior in high school, came home one afternoon and surprised his mother with the news that he had been called down to the assistant principal’s office and given a drug test. His results were clean, but that made no difference to Rebecca, who was appalled that the school took such a liberty. What, exactly, are the rules regarding random drug tests in public schools?” (Fetzer). As seen here Rebecca and her son were not informed ahead of time and did not give consent for the test. Actions of the school caused issues for not only this family but others

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