Pros And Cons Of Reality Tv

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Everyday we sit in front of a TV and watch people do absurd things while we laugh at them, or we see their dreams being cut into tiny pieces because we enjoy making decisions about people 's lives and having the power to do so. But then when the topic of reality TV pops up, you deny the sense of truth in it. Now, think twice. Take reality TV and see it on a larger scale. Aren’t all the immoral problems in the world about power and thoughtless drama? Reality TV and our lives are synonymous, Is this something we should be proud of? People’s goals in life are no longer what they used to be. People prefer microscopic moments of fame than a lifetime full of meaning and purpose. Since early childhood, you are influenced greatly by what you watch, people who surround you and especially by your elders. We as children, see adults such as Kim Kardashian being famous for nothing; she just fights with her siblings and leeks her sex tapes. That is a nice role model, right? We believe that there’s an easy path to fame because we see it on TV, and forget that maybe that’s not what being successful is about. When…show more content…
It is negatively influencing thousands of children. Before, was it that easy to see young girls dress like they do now, talk like the do now, dance like they do now, or be stuck at a computer screen at only 7 years of age? Of course TV influences people, if not, why would thousands of brands eagerly be paying millions of euros to be shown 30 seconds in that powerful box sitting in your living room? Reality TV has had a negative influence on modern day society, to a point where it has distorted our own reality and minds to clone what we see on TV. People should start thinking about what path they want to take, what role models they want to see, and what lifestyle they want to live. Because if they do not think about it for themselves, the media will have no problem deciding for
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