Pros And Cons Of Reclaimed Wood

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There are some pros and cons to reclaimed wood. While some people love the unique character of a wood floor made with reclaimed lumber, others don 't see the beauty. Advantages of Reclaimed Wood It 's Eco-Friendly Using reclaimed lumber means that there 's a decreased demand for new lumber. This helps stop deforestation. Environmentally-friendly wood won 't be placed in landfills, either. Wood is a great alternative to carpet or linoleum that is petroleum based, too. Strength and Hardness New lumber comes from first-generation forests where the wood isn 't that hard. With reclaimed wood, you 're using old pieces of lumber that likely came from old-growth trees. Reclaimed wood is 40 points harder on the Janka hardness scale, which is the…show more content…
Scars, dents and nail holes create wonderful pieces of wood with character. That character is translated to the piece being designed with the reclaimed lumber. Cons of Reclaimed Wood Expenses of Reclaimed Wood The beauty and richness of reclaimed wood means that it 's in high demand. The dealer who sorts and prepares the wood has to pull out all the nails and treat the wood for pests, which can really make the price soar. The Toxins in Old Wood Whether it 's paint, glue or chemicals, there are old toxins in some reclaimed wood. The wood has to be tested to ensure that there aren 't any chemicals that can make you or your family sick. Hidden Dangers in Reclaimed Wood When you don 't buy from a dealer who specializes in reclaimed wood, there could be nails and hidden chemicals in the lumber. This most often will happen in lumber you 're using for your own projects. Make sure to use gloves and check for holes and chemicals before starting your project. There are more advantages to reclaimed wood than there are drawbacks. The look and feel of reclaimed wood is not for everyone, but some people love it. Sadly, though, for people who love it, there is a finite amount of reclaimed wood to be had. This makes it

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