Pros And Cons Of Reconstruction

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Historian Eric Foner, describes Reconstruction in the US, as a “splendid failure”. Reconstruction, was the period after the Civil War, in which the government tried to “fix” the country from all the harm caused. There are some good things to have come out of it, like the African-Americans representation in the government, or the ability to establish Schools, and Churches. But with the positives, there were negatives, in a large way, whether it be the start of terrorist groups like the Klu-Klux Klan, or economic hardships like the Panic of 1873. Overall, I feel that the negatives outweighed the positives, but there are still important positives to come out of it. Some of the more, “splendid” things that came out of Reconstruction, was that African-Americans got to vote, and that they were finally…show more content…
After the war, African-Americans were allowed to vote after the 15th Amendment was passed, this was a huge step for them in gaining more of the staple rights for Americans. In 12.2, when it is discussing African Americans as voters it says, “African Americans-gained voting rights as a result as a result of the Fifteenth Amendment”(12.2). This quote is saying how this amendment finally gave them the right to vote, making them a part of important decisions, and making them more of citizens this amendment was passed during the reconstruction period, which is why I feel that this was one of the success of the period. Another “splendid” part of reconstruction, is that African Americans were allowed to establish schools, and churches, allowing them to take control of their life. Also in 12.2 it discusses

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