Pros And Cons Of Recruitment And Selection

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Recruitment & Selection
Effective selection involves processes to collect and evaluate job related information about an individual in order to extend an offer of employment to the most suitable person. Due to the expense and effort associated with attracting the right candidates and narrowing down the best person for the job, it is important to ensure the organization can rely upon the efficiency and accuracy of its processes.
Systematic selection processes increases the chances of selecting the right person for the job – however organizations often struggle with how to design and evaluate their processes to ensure success and return-on-investment. On-boarding
On-boarding is a term that defines the period that commences from when a candidate
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Some of the methods include: in-person, over the telephone, on paper, and through the Internet such as with Nobscot’s WebExit.

Pros and Cons of each method of Exit Interviewing

In-Person Exit Interviews
With in-person exit interviews an HR representative meets individually with each terminating employee.
• Can provide information regarding benefits and retrieve company property during the interview
• Gives a personal touch to each employee
• Can probe for more information on each question
• Employees may be afraid to share sensitive or negative information during an in-person interview
• For larger companies, it may be too time consuming to interview every employee
• It’s difficult to track information received verbally during an interview

Telephone Exit Interviews
Telephone Exit Interviews are conducted over the telephone by an HR Representative or an outside third party consultant.
• Can probe for more information on each question
• Can enter data into a tracking system while conducting the interview
• Easier to schedule than in-person interviews
• Time consuming if done in-house by an HR Representative
• Expensive if done with an outside consultant
• Employees often reluctant to verbally share sensitive or negative
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The employee’s employment experiences are fresh in his or her mind and the employee is usually happy to express their final thoughts before leaving the company.
An employee exit interview is never an attempt to reverse an individual's resignation. An appropriate exit interview is undertaken to reduce future turnover by learning what might be causing good people to resign.
The most frequently encountered reasons given by workers for leaving their employment include:
• Lack of recognition; feeling unappreciated or never having one's contributions recognized.
• Poor quality of supervision; unhappiness with how one is treated by "the boss."
• Personality conflicts; stressful differences with coworkers and supervisors.
• Lack of opportunity; the perception of little or no opportunity for promotion and growth.
• Money, either the desire for more income or unhappiness with perceived

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