The Bitcoin Regulation

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. Bitcoin Regulation Bitcoin technology has many of the unique and unprecedented features that give it the potential to disrupt a wide range of industries and institutions – the ability to send money anywhere in the world in minutes, its peer-to-peer decentralized nature of value transfer and its completely digital existence, to name a few – are also what make effective regulation of digital currencies so challenging for governments; policymakers have no clear status quo to inform legislation on digital currencies, which makes the already-nuanced process even more complex. As far as regulation on Bitcoin is concerned, there is no consistency in a way various countries deal with Bitcoin. There is no consistency in guidance with respect to the legal, accounting, tax and audit related standards. Thus, Regulation has become one of the most debated issues facing the digital currency industry. A major factor that many view form a 'make-or-break' perspective.…show more content…
These publications discuss the risks of Bitcoin (e.g. to costumers or financial stability), potential regulatory responses or the legal and fiscal classification of

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