Pros And Cons Of Renting To Own

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The Story Behind Renting To Own
Water is one of the most important need in our homes. We need a good water system in our homes since we use it daily. Water heaters have become a part of our lives, buying one will be costly and there is where renting will happen. Renting a hot water tank means that your up-front costs are zero, and you just pay a monthly rental fee of $15 – $30. Service has been covered for as long as you rent the tank, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected expenses. That is one of the benefits of renting a water heater. If you want to own water tank, but cannot afford to buy it directly you have the option to rent-to-own.
In a typical home purchase, the sale takes place shortly after the offer has been accepted, and the transaction is completed at closing. Since most buyers don’t have the money to pay
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Even renting to own is not perfect. There are certain pros and cons of renting your water heater
There are a lot of benefits that come with renting to own your water tank like the
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You can even get service the day you call for repairs.
• When your financial situation improves, you can take advantage of your rent-to-own option and buy your rented water heater at a lower price than that of a new water heater.
There will always be cons that come with renting a water heater like the following:
• You would be paying for an older water heater and taking on the charges of maintaining and repairing it as well. You may actually save more money in the long-term by buying a newer, more energy-efficient model.
• The longer you rent a water heater, the more costly it gets. You could end up gradually paying more than you would have if you had purchased a water heater instead.
• Returning a rented water heater or getting out of a rental contract early can be tricky and costly. Make sure you read and understand your rental

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