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Do We Really Need Residential Care for Our Seniors?

When the needs of our senior loved ones can no longer be met at home, we have to already consider the possibility of getting a residential care for them. Although most families would still prefer home care for seniors but we just have to understand that receiving care in the comforts of their home will eventually be insufficient as their health condition worsens.

But we also understand that some people are still quite apprehensive of sending their loved ones at home because they cannot be with them all the time. Hence, today, on the blog, we will discuss some of the things that you can expect at our residential care center in Ivy Grove SC, the Harmony Residential Care Center.

In addition,
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The nurses and caregivers can attend to their medication
One of the primary features of a residential care is that they provide 24/7 care for the patient. Each patient has an assigned caregiver who will be there to assist them all the time.
If you need someone to remind the patient to take their medicines on time, eat their meals on time or even check their blood pressure, you can have all that in our residential care center.

Considering all these factors, how, then would you know if your loved ones would really need our services in the residential care center? Below are some helpful checklists that you might want to ponder on:

Do you think your senior loved ones can do better when they have long term care services?
Is your senior patient prone to accidents especially with the household items you have in the house?
Does your senior loved ones require to have regular check-ups with its physical therapist, specialist and other medical assistance?

If your answer is YES to all these questions, then it would be best if you start looking for a reliable residential care center today. But if you are still quite apprehensive about it, then you can talk to us about your
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In fact, their personal caregivers would even schedule their day in such a way that they will enjoy it.

An activity that we always try to include on a regular basis at our residential care center in Ware Shoal Manor SC, the Harmony Residential Care Center, is exercise. We create special exercise programs that will improve their muscle strength and most importantly boost their mood.

Moreover, we can also conduct dancing classes or zumba sessions if the seniors ask for it. There is no better way to sweat than to do it with the beat.

3.) Massage
Whether it is a hand, body or foot massage, it will surely give relief for the seniors. Their muscles can easily feel strained despite having only minimal strenuous actions. You might hear them complaining backaches on joint pains every now and then. If they do not have crucial problems on their health, you can give them a massage too.

5.) Hobbies
Despite their age, seniors will always find a way to do their hobbies. There are some who live to do gardening or playing some musical instruments and board games. With our companionship programs, we can help them tend their gardens or be their opponent when they play
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