The Pros And Cons Of Physician Assisted Suicide

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WE choose our country, we choose our spouse, we choose our profession, we choose our political masters, and we choose where we want to live and how. We have to die one day, But how to die and when: should that be a matter of choice as well?
Life and death were regarded as spheres of God’s planet before medical advancement. Currently, with an increase in the demand for Physician Assisted Suicide, life and death no longer seem to be accorded the same moral sanctity as earlier. Deliberately, right to die; a controversial issue recently has been heated up and brought to life the pros and cons of mercy killing. Law poses many problems in this regard, mostly because it often comes into contradiction with morality. One of the most fundamental problems arising out of this conflict between law and morality is right to die.
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Many religious philosophers have observed that the act of taking a human life is not only a wrong to the individual but to the humanity as a whole, irrespective of the circumstances. The views of the religious philosophers can be accepted to a point, but they fail to explain how does a person suffering from acute pain without having any hope of recovery is jilted of any ineffaceable right to opt out of their crestfallen
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