Pros And Cons Of Same Sex Marriage

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Malea Sperling Mr. Pohl College Prep English 12 10 January 2018 Same Sex Marriage The first agreement to allowing same sex was established in 2014, yet the denial was challenged on the Supreme Court. During the evidence and reports of same sex marriage, the Supreme Court figured there would be benefits of the society if people of the same gender were married. Considering to the Court’s decision, the law allowing same sex marriage should be repealed. Couples of the same sex not only can harm children, but it can also cause in rape and violence to the engaged homosexual couple. Based on the court’s decision on why same-sex marriage is legalized, the government’s permission on same sex marriage; however, same sex marriage does not represent equality and should not be legal. In 1970, a law student Richard Baker and a librarian James McConnell applied for a marriage license. When the application was transferred into the Supreme Court, the court’s trial decision was made. Maryland was then the first state to legalize same sex marriage after the court’s decision. (History). Forty years later, a proposed Amendment to the Constitution is introduced by the House of Representatives which clearly stated that marriages should be only be advanced as man-and-woman. When the amendment was heard by California, California passed a domestic law providing couples of the same sex to have responsibilities and benefits as a civil marriage. Bush then requested a marriage reserve for heterosexual
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