Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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The cost of one uniform for a standard private school is $249. The cost is extremely expensive and the average amount of children in a family is 2. So that $249 doubles if you choose to have both your children attend a private school. Uniforms are expensive, they take out the personality of students, and some students think uniforms are overrated and not needed. A lot of schools make students wear uniforms when they believe they should wear whatever they want. I agree with these students and I wouldn’t want to be forced to wear a uniform either.
To begin, parents don’t want to pay the extra money for a school uniform. It’s extremely expensive and the student 's parents have to buy even more appliances on top of that. Let’s weigh the pros and cons of school uniforms states, “The cost of uniforms is prohibitive, especially when a family includes more than one school-aged child.” Some parents that are on a strict budget don’t want to and can’t pay the extra money for a uniform. School uniforms: Pros and Cons says, “Parents raise concerns about the cost.” Some other families can’t even afford these uniforms and are using all their money just to provide needed things like food or appliances to use around the house. Clearly, the evidence shows that most students and parents think school uniforms are expensive.
In addition to uniforms costings a lot, they also take the individuality out of the students. School Uniforms: What are the Pros and Cons? says, “Some students might
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