Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms In School

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School dress codes and uniforms are a bad idea

About most of public schools in the United States requires dress codes. Schools in the United States need to follow dress codes in public schools because they are supposed to help kids with many things. Do you think maybe dress codes or uniforms are making people and kids worse as of how they act and behave? Many of the kids in the community have asked parents or the parents have decided to move their children to a different school because they need to wear or require a dress code/uniforms. People in school such as teachers have noticed that many kids are unhappy because of dress codes and uniforms. Many kids have changed because of dress codes and because of wearing uniforms. In this, I feel like many kids are being changed by dress codes and uniforms. I think schools shouldn’t have to have a dress code and a uniform because dress codes and uniforms are a bad idea to have in schools.
Many people find dress codes and uniforms offensive. They find this offensive because the fact that people think it’s a female judgement. Girls and women in general get dress coded a lot. In school girls get mostly dress coded, because they are females and they need to wear curtain things that they follow but still get dress coded. Being offended or feeling that way is terrible, because a female doesn’t need to be treated like that. This is one of the things and way girls and most of the community don’t want a dress code. People dress code
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