School Uniform Should Be Banned Essay

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School uniforms are a trend amongst private schools in Britain. In Britain 82% of all English state schools have a compulsory uniform. This is ferly popular amongst secondary school. Nearly 98% of secondary schools require students to wear uniforms2. Both the students and most parents don't completely agree with the concept of school uniforms. The parents are stating that, "Children express themselves through their clothes. Uniforms, stifle creativity. They allow for no individuality, no self-expression.1". But, having school uniforms or a "dress-code" isn’t something for the students to worry about. But requiring students to wear a school uniform would limit what they could wear. This problem shouldn’t stop them from progressing in their classes. But the point of having a school is to educate the students, it's not a fashion show. There are numerous amounts of people that bully others because of their, "style of clothing". By eliminating the right to choose what outfit to wear in school may put the student's in full focus on their schoolwork and tasks. Having students require to wear…show more content…
Less people would judge other classmates based on their clothing. It's common amongst the popular kids to wear the trendiest and the most expensive clothes. The lower social classes would most likely wear clothes from H&M, which is a good brand, but it’s cheap. By accepting school uniforms, it may bring the social classes together. By bringing the social classes together nobody would be out of place because of their style of fashion, or what brand of clothing they might have. By dividing these two classes everybody would look merely the same, and nobody would know if the individual came from a lower class or upper class family. There are parents that strive to get their children in a place for better education, some of these parents are wealthy, and those who are not has most likely asked the bank for a
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