Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms In Public Schools

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Lately, most kids or pre-teens are starting to dress to old for what age they really are. A solution that is by having school uniforms, they provoke that problem. School uniforms should be required for public schools. They have been increasing in public schools for the past five years. One in five public schools require school uniforms. People say uniforms make school safer for students. Others say it has no positive effect on behavior. School uniforms should be enforced in public schools throughout the world. School uniforms should be required in public schools because uniforms cost less money, cause less peer pressure to fit in, and allow students to stay more focused in school. School uniforms should be required in public schools because…show more content…
For example from the article “School Uniforms- Pros and Cons” it says that there is less peer pressure to fit in when they’re not wearing the trendy brands and they’re all wearing the same thing. From the article “Pros and con” it states “Students always want to wear the “popular” brand of clothing and they talk about it too which gets them off topic” (Hertzler,1). By having school uniforms students will stay more focused on schoolwork instead of what the “popular trend” or brand is for that moment. Students like talking about in class what style or type of clothing they’re getting. Usually kids also compliment each others clothes which would get them off topic and not paying attention in class. But when kids wear school uniforms, yes they may still talk about clothing, but since everyone is wearing the same thing it would be very less likely for people to talk about. Kids do worse on tests since they are distracted when the teacher is teaching. They will be talking about clothes instead and looking at other people’s clothes. Having school uniforms will keep the students more focused since they see the same outfit on the same person every day. Students care a lot about what they wear to school. Sometimes they are actually late to school because they take too long on deciding on what they should wear. By having school uniforms students will not be too late to school…show more content…
One example could be, if there is an intruder in their school it will be easier to catch them since they obviously aren’t wearing the same color or style as everyone else.The intruder will be spotted out easier and will be a much and faster way of dealing with the situation. Even though it may not be safer, they can deal with what is going on faster so it could result in less people getting injured. Also it’s easier for the staff/ administration to enforce a dress code. When children are at a school without a dress code people wear whatever they want. There will be more kids wearing what they want which would be harder in enforcing a dress code. By having school uniforms most people will follow it and less people will disobey it. Lastly, parents also like school uniforms. Some parents don’t like the fact on kids dressing how they want, but school uniforms will make the school a better place and keep the parents happy. Studies show that %86 of parents like school uniforms and the parents say it is lighter on their pockets. They think it makes the most memories for a child and will still enjoy school by also showing pride. Overall, school uniforms are a lot easier on the staff and give them a little break, and parents really enjoy school uniforms for their kids and think that they get a lot of benefits from
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