Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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School uniforms: it’s been the subject of debate for several years and here is my opinion on this. I am against the idea of having school uniforms. First and foremost, I find that school uniforms restrict creativity and goes against individuality. Despite the positive aspects of uniforms that people often talk about, there are multiple flaws that can be found in them and drawbacks. People often say that school uniforms can save you money, but school uniforms can cost a lot more than you think they do. As a matter of fact, uniforms can be extremely costly and some low-income families may not be able to afford uniforms which average around the cost of $249. Arguably, if one uniform can cost you that much money, think about how much it would cost when you need to buy more than one uniform. I know that if my school decided to make uniforms mandatory, my parents would not be able to afford everything. Additionally, I know my parents would not appreciate it either, as money is not something that comes by easily and that money could have been used to pay for bills and other more important things than buying school uniforms that will never be worn again when school is over. Uniform costs would also use money that could have been used to pay bills and for other necessities more important than school uniforms. Moreover, during the year, you will need more than one uniform as you can outgrow or stain and damage your uniform. For instance, in some schools, there may be more than one

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