What Are The Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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School uniforms: it’s been the subject of debate for several years and here is my opinion on this. I am against the idea of having school uniforms. First and foremost, I find that school uniforms restrict creativity and goes against individuality. Despite the positive aspects of uniforms that people often talk about, there are multiple flaws that can be found in them and drawbacks.
People often say that school uniforms can save you money, but school uniforms can cost a lot more than you think they do. As a matter of fact, uniforms can be extremely costly and some low-income families may not be able to afford uniforms which average around the cost of $249. Arguably, if one uniform can cost you that much money, think about how much it would cost when you need to buy more than one uniform. I know that if my school decided to make
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Consequently, uniforms do not allow you to make decisions for yourself and the decisions are made for you not by you. This can take a toll on a student’s future since they do not learn how to start making decisions for themselves.
I understand how some people think that uniforms are a good addition to schools. Uniforms can help identify students during school on a field trip. In addition, uniforms can help kids focus on school work because they would not be distracted by their clothing. Similarly, teachers can also benefit from uniforms as they no longer have the burden of having to check the clothing of students to make sure they do not violate the dress code. Although, regardless of these advantages of school uniforms, I still stand by the side of being against uniforms. With the advantages and disadvantages of school uniforms, I will continue to be against school uniforms. I find that uniforms should not be necessary and that the drawbacks weigh much more than the advantages. Uniforms are a waste of money and should not be

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