School Uniforms Research Paper

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The argument whether or not school uniforms remains unsettled even today. Parents and students have different views on uniforms. Some think its a good thing, while others think it isn’t needed in schools. Public schools are starting to require uniforms like they should. Schools usually have uniforms because they believe it provides a better learning environment. School uniforms make everyone look the same and follow rules to make the school look organized. Having school uniforms decreases. bullying and provides a safe environment for students. Uniforms are good to be required in schools because they make everyone look equal. There is no one being judged by what they wear and how they look every day. Students get a better chance to fit in…show more content…
They believe, that they should wear whatever they would like, so they can show who they are. Students need to learn that they shouldn’t rely on what they wear to show who they are. The resource, “Reasons Why Schools Have Uniforms,” states that “A unique individual is developed not from appearance, but rather, intellect, personality, and skills.” They should express themselves through something, other than their clothing. For example, they could show personality through art, music, or even sports. Students who attend a uniform school will find a creative way to express themselves. Narragansett School district is requiring students to wear uniforms. The district interviewed some moms about their view on the matter. One mom, in particular, had a strong aspect of having school uniforms. Christine Smith states, “LOVE the idea of school uniforms. Not only does it eliminate the morning ritual of, "I don 't want to wear that!" "This doesn 't feel good!" "I don 't like this!" It also eliminates kids feeling bad if they can 't afford to keep up with the latest styles. I know some people claim that it suppresses individuality, but I believe that a child 's or anyone 's individuality can be expressed in many other ways besides clothes, such as through their hairstyle, their school work, and most importantly through their personality and interactions with others. Where 's the petition?! All for
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