Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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Uniform: Pro or No Many people have different opinions of school uniforms. Some people think they have a positive effect on the classroom, others thinks it has a negative effect of the classroom. School uniforms are certain clothes that are worn by all students at the school and usually have the school logo or emblem. School uniforms were first worn in the 16th century by a school called the Christ Hospital school, in London. It was the first school ever to start wearing uniforms. After many centuries school uniforms became more popular and now about 20 percent of schools in the U.S have school uniforms and about 50 percent have strict dress codes. Some people say that uniforms should be used in all school because there are many pros to it like better school behavior, but others say that there are a lot of cons to school uniforms like they hinder student creativity. I think that there are so many pros of school uniforms and that they are a great thing to have in all schools. I think that school uniforms would help all school behavior dramatically and it would stop conflicts before they come up. The cons of school uniforms are not very strong and they are not cons at all they are just pros in disguise. School uniforms make it a lot easier to concentrate in class. School uniforms help because if everyone is wearing the same clothing and they all look the same, you won’t be concentrating on what your friend is wearing, but you will be actually listening to what the teacher
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