Pros And Cons Of Science And Technology

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Name : Payton Hosein Session Date : Monday 22nd January, 2017 Session Number : 1 Session Topic : Introduction to Science and Technology The first lecture was an introductory lecture involving the concept of what science and technology is truly about and how it 's relatable to the society along. As such, Science was posited as a systematic process of discovering, explaining and preparing a natural or social phenomena which concludes that science plays active role in society today. However it was learnt that technology is the use of scientific knowledge for practical purposes or application in society, as such it has pros and cons to society. As an individual in constant use of technology I reflected upon the pros and cons of technology from my prior knowledge. In which I concluded that technology is beneficial in society as its useful to students, it improved the education and learning process allowing the learning materials accessible online to be constantly available . However the negative impact of technology noticed in society is that many manufacturing and processing factories work so hard to create the best technologies but they release harmful chemicals and gases which have polluted our environment resulting in climate changes. The lecturer explained that the relationship between science and technology feeds offs each other allowing both to propel forward, I then interpret this relationship through the evolution of technology as seen in the 1800s the discovery of
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