Pros And Cons Of Scrum

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Scrum is a frame work which will be used for development of software products. Pros of Scrum 1. Can handle change request easily 2. Continuous improvement through review of last iteration 3. Active involvement of team (Can measure individual productivity ) 4. Can easily identify the progress and impediments 5. Continuous feedback from the customer 6. Easier to deliver a quality product in a schedule time. Scrum roles  Product owner: - He is responsible for product vision, requirement questions, considers stakeholder interest and decides whether to accept or reject product increment , continue or discontinue the development and whether to ship the product or not.  Scrum development Team: - It is a self organized cross functional team who negotiates commitments with product owner, one spirit at a time and regarding how to reach commitments.  Scrum Master: - He will facilitate the…show more content…
 Sprint plan meeting: At the beginning of each sprint product owner and team will conduct this meeting to negotiate which product log items they will attempt to convert to working product during the sprint. (For two weeks sprint max of 4 hr time will be allotted)  Daily scrum meeting: Daily the team members of scrum will meet for 15 minutes and each team member summarizes what he did the previous day, what he will do today and what impediments he faced. This meeting is also called as stand up meeting.  Sprint review meeting: During this meeting, the scrum team shows what they accomplished during the sprint. During the sprint review, the project is accessed against the sprint goal determined during the sprint plan meeting.  Sprint retrospective meeting: This meeting will be conducted for an hour at the end of every sprint to retrospect and improve further for next
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