Persuasive Essay On Computers Are Not Safe Driving

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Have you ever been tired while driving or maybe really needed to check your messages on your way home from school or work? It sure would be nice to let the car take over, so you could take a nap or send that important text, right? At first thought, a self-driving car sounds like the perfect answer to the chaotic and fast-paced lives of the twenty-first century. Computers don’t make errors like humans, so there should be fewer accidents and our commutes should be safe and uneventful. The problem is computers don’t have brains and there are many things a human being can sense that a computer cannot. For example, what about the deer hiding in the ditch that you see causing you to slam on the breaks before it runs out in front of you. How about the child you see ahead of you running towards the street after a ball once again the driver reacts quickly to slow down before hitting the child. Could a computer look ahead to see that child or sense that deer hiding in the ditch? What would the car do when put into a situation like this? There are two people standing right in front of him, and on the sidewalk, there was one person.…show more content…
The video cameras that detect a light turning red or green could be blinded by the light of the sun. The cars use sensors to see lines on the road and many of roads do not have those, and some are very faded (Jack). First of all the people in rural areas won’t want one and second of all most Americans couldn’t afford a car with this amount of technology. The computer requirements, software, and sensors add up to more than $100,000 (“Auto”). Also, an AAA survey showed that three out of four people would be scared to ride in a driverless car (Lane). A self-driving car cannot understand a police officer directing traffic (Auto). Also, the cars wouldn’t be able to understand people biking or running on the road. The cars see people as moving, column-shaped pixels
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