Pros And Cons Of Self Driving Cars

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Self driving cars-con
Did you know that self driving cars have been a future dream since the 1930s? In fact experts were positive that the cars would be flying by on the road by the 1960s. Although this would have been a great thing to have, everything has a downside and self driving cars have quite a few. Self driving cars may promote safety concerns because if there is an accident or a technology fail, self driving cars won’t be able to read human signals, causing accidents. Additionally, the computers can be damaged by serious weather conditions causing accidents and much more. Lastly, the security of a self driving car can cause problems because they would be targets for hackers.
To start with, if there is an accident or a technology fail self driving cars can’t read human signals causing accidents. On the roads, if there is an accident, construction, or the technology on a self driving car fails, then the car won’t be able to recognize or read any of the human signals used to get around the problem. When testing one of the cars, it was found that, “the perils of lacking an intuition for state of mind are already evident. In the first at-fault crash of a self-driving vehicle, a Google self-driving car in Mountain View incorrectly assumed that a bus driver would yield to it, misunderstanding both the urgency and the flexibility of a human driver trying to get around a stopped vehicle” (Anthony). This information proves that self driving cars are not perfect, and if one
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