Pros And Cons Of Sending Humans To Mars

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How did you think about the aliens? Did you think they are really exists? If we success on send humans to mars, we can see aliens or another living things. According to INDEPENDENT news, Nasa’s Curiosity Rover found evidence of life on Mars. Curious spikes of methane cannot explain by geology or other theories. If, maybe they look same as us. I think people need to go to Mars and more inquiry about it. The purpose of this paper is to make a decision about we should send humans to mars or not. I think people should send humans to mars. Therefore, in this essay, I will explain about the problem, solution and reasons and evidence that relate with reasons. The problems with sending humans to Mars are how can we eat foods especially withered vegetable and how can we get water. The distance between the earth and mars is far (225 million km) so we can pack limited foods. If we pack vegetable that can wither,…show more content…
The cons to sending humans to Mars are taken too many years to go to the mars and come back to the Earth and costs too much to go to mars. From wonderopolis, “Mars is almost 250 million miles from Earth so scientists estimate a roundtrip to Mars and back would take 400-450 days.” Also from STACKEXCHANGE, “The cost of sending people to Mars has been the main obstacle of any mission. Estimates of cost have ranged from $6 billion to $500 billion for various crewed programs.” That money could be use in more useful projects. My opinion is before send humans to mars, we need to practice many times with exploration rover or things that similar with human body. The reason is we don’t know what danger variables are be located. My opinion is that we should send humans to mars, because this project is valuable even if we success or fail on this experiment. Other people may think that it is dangerous. From DBRIERS they said, “There are also the effects that microgravity have on the human body. Anyone traveling to Mars
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