Sex Offenders Should Be Banned Essay

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1. Are there certain classes of offenders, such as sex offenders that you would ban from programs and should all kids be accepted? Yes, there are many kind of offenders that should be banned from the programs and all kids should accept the policy. These offenders include sexual offenders, thieves, drinking offenders, and any kind of offender which can result in the harm of people around them and also for them. These kind of offenders should be banned as they can ruin their own life and most importantly, in doing so, they would be destroying the lives of related persons. It is for the best of society that these offenders must be banned and all kids should be guided to not to include any such activity and kids must follow the policies. Ultimately,…show more content…
It is for the best of the children if the children would know that someone is watching him/her, he/she would surely think before doing something wrong. And if the individual still do something wrong and catch by his/her parents or guardians and will then be guided or punished. It shall be a good lesson for him/her and the individual must think before doing something wrong in the future. So, the kids should be monitored either they have committed crimes or not. Yes it can create a self-fulfilling prophecy but for the betterment of children it is good. 5. Do you believe that some sorts universal service program might be beneficial and help people turn their lives around? Yes, I strongly believe that it can help people in turning their lives around. Sometimes, people need someone to guide them and tell them to leave the wrong doings. Sometimes, people want that someone help them to increase their courage. Sometimes, it is necessary to and needed to tell people that they are doing something wrong. So this is very good approach to have such programs. 6. Should issues early onset and from problem behavior syndrome be considered when choosing participants for prevention
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