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Product Specifications: Cord length: 30 feet Weight: 10 lbs Dimension: 46.5 X 9.8 X 10.2 “ Color:Cinnamon, plasma blue, charcoal gray Advantages of Shark Rocket HV382 Complete TruePet vacuum • DUO clean technology- the dual brush system helps in cleaning of the hard floors and even the soft fabric such as furniture’s, rugs etc. • Triple particle technology-this technology enables collection of small, large and even the stuck-on particulate matter form the floor or the furniture’s and bring about effective cleaning of the surfaces. • Cord Length: This light weight device has a cord length of 30 feet which helps in taking the cleaner to different rooms without efforts of plugging-in again and again • The vacuum cleaner can be adjusted depending…show more content…
The accessory SBB300-3 parquet twister hard brush glides easily and smoothly on the surface, corner and even the most difficult places. It is provided with brush of small and large bristles which allows removal of small and large dust particles. It comes up with a powerful suction which removes debris. It contains 12 stage air-tight filtration system which traps allergen as small as 99.99%. All the dust and dirt components are collected in selfseal dust bag. It is also provided with charcoal filter with apart from dust also minimizes…show more content…
• It has 6 speed settings which can be controlled by foot and suits for every type of floor • It comes with SEB 228 Electro Plus Power Head with 5 position height adjustment allowed cleaning of even high pile carpets and hard floors. • Swivel no mar wheels allows easy glide over the surface • AirClean filtration system removes the particulate matter of the air • It is provided with a number of accessories Pros of Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog Canister Vacuum Cleaner • Light weight and less noisy • Removes dirt, dust and odor. Charcoal filters absorbs the odor produced from debris of animals or of any origin providing clean

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