Pros And Cons Of Shootings

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The term “assault rifle” was believed to be coined by the one and only notorious Adolf Hitler. Towards the end of World War II, he is believed to have invented the name based on the German word Sturmgewehr, which means “storm” or “assault.” Before machine guns were invented, soldiers stood in rows and shot at their enemy in synchronized rows. This method of fighting was deemed ineffective because of their range, speed, and accuracy. Because of this, inventors started to create different versions of these weapons, making alterations to the gun’s ammunition supply, loading style, and bullet type. It is from these weapons that today’s semi-automatic rifle was born (Williams). These guns have been the topic of controversy for many years because of their ability to kill vast amounts of people within short amounts of…show more content…
Other countries have banned machine guns after shootings with mass casualties, and their number of events like this has gone drastically down. For example, two weeks after Port Arthur, Australia unanimously decided to ban guns that can kill many people at once. Australia has not had a mass shooting where people have died since these regulations (Beck). Among the weapons banned, fast-action rifles are the types of guns most often used in mass shootings. In six recent school shootings, assault rifles have been used (Chivers et al). For instance, In the Lanza shooting, the perpetrator shot 154 rounds in 264 seconds (Dickinson). The ever-increasing popularity of these guns in shootings is largely due to the fact that it is very easy to kill someone with a semi-automatic gun, which can be acquired easily. Namely, the AR-15 is no longer patented, so anyone can create the gun by having a little money and a concept of how they are going to sell it to people (Dickinson). Mass shootings are horrific events in which many innocent people die. This cannot happen, and the way to prevent this is by banning these
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