Pros And Cons Of Should School Start Later Essay

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“Beep, beep, beep” is what most students hear every morning, blaring a message at them, a message telling them to wake up and get ready for school. After this they crawl out of bed and do their typical morning routine, before going to school. Although they may be wishing that school started later which at times, all of us to, however, it shouldn't for multiple reasons. Schools should not start later because a later start can provoke safety issues, cost the school district lots of money for transportation, and interfere with sports, part time jobs, and after-school clubs.
To begin, later start times could cause safety problems for elementary students. In the article Should Schools Start Later? Written by Junior Scholastic, L. Michelle states “We would be having elementary kids at the bus stop walking home in the dark.” This quote means that during seasons like winter, when it gets dark earlier, a late start would mean you would be getting off the bus in the dark, and this even includes elementary students.
To elaborate on the issue, later start times would also interfere with after school jobs, sports, after-school clubs, and would give you less time to do the homework thats due when you walk into class the next day. The article Should Schools Start Later? brings up a good point about that students wouldn’t have
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This is true for reasons such as it will cost schools lots of money for busses, and a place to store them, school will end much later in the day, which will cause safety problems for both kids from kindergarten, to highschool in the dark, and it will interfere with sports like football, swimming,cheerleading, basketball etc. along with afterschool programs, and part time jobs. Both students and parents can easily address this topic by simply talking to administrators, and principals if they are considering starting schools
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