Pros And Cons Of Showering

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This article will tackle the recommendation for anyone is taking a shower too often. While it sounds good to shower as frequent as we could to keep our bodies clean, there are always cons of doing things too often. Our skin is the victim of frequent shower so there are people who chooses not to shower daily. Some prefer to take a shower weekly without problem with body odor. Check out some reasons why showering could be bad to our skin.

Causes Dry Skin

Frequent shower could cause dry skin because of water running through our skin. Aside from the water that washes the natural moisture in our skin, we also use skin care products available in the market such as shampoos and soaps. These products contain chemical that could be harmful especially
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Since frequent shower causes dry skin, it will become more prone to irritation. Skin that undergoes too much washing will lose its natural shield against bacteria and infection. Dry skin will have more chances in suffering from minor to major skin diseases which rooted from frequent showers. The shower products being use during showers could also serve as the culprit of irritation. It has strong substances that dehydrates the skin and make it more prone to irritation. There are chemicals from low quality and non-certified products that could cause mild to terrible itchiness and inflammation to the skin. It is important to be careful in choosing the right products for our skin to use during…show more content…
There are different kinds of skin infections that could affect the skin and could lead to more serious condition. Frequent going to the bathroom for shower is one of the reasons why infections penetrates the skin because its natural shield is being taken away. There are people who received advice from their dermatologists to decrease their numbers of showers weekly and even avoid daily shower if possible to strengthen the skin in fighting infections.

Makes skin dependent to bath care products

Taking a shower too often could also make our skin remarkably dependent to bath care products. It means that our skin will only feel good when using a particular soap or lotion and our hair will only be looking good with a particular shampoo and conditioner products. This should not happen because these bath products has chemicals which may cause negative reactions from our skin. There are skin-conscious people who uses soap every other shower while few never use bath products at all and just rely on clean water during shower.
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