Pros And Cons Of Singing The National Anthem

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Should we sing the National Anthem at Games? By Peyton Levi “Hey you, stand up”! Won’t you take a moment to respect a song that 15,000 Americans died for? This issue that people are not respecting the national anthem is a growing problem in America and it needs to be stopped. We should also honor the way this song was created in a harsh battle with the British to inspire our national anthem. In this essay I will cover the song, war, and fun facts about this overlooked time period in our history. Some things that support my opinion are, One day in a stadium in the midst of WW1 A band was playing the star spangled banner at a baseball game. A player was off leave from the navy and when the band started to play the first strains of the awe-inspiring song the player saluted the flag and soon the entire team even the competitors followed! This started the tradition of singing the national anthem at baseball games and soon spread to other sports!…show more content…
The crowd was already scared out of their wits and saddened that anyone would do this. Singer Rene Rancourt went out on the ice to carry on a tradition that has been going on for decades, singing the national anthem. The first strains started to come out of his mouth and everybody in the stadium was getting emotional. They were either hugging a loved one or tears streaming down their face. During the end of the second line he lowered his voice to hear the other patrons singing along, something that doesn’t happen too often. My final reason why we should the national anthem at games is what better place to sing our nations song than at a place filled with Americans with different backgrounds, income levels, genders and ages. It’s also a tradition started by
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