Pros And Cons Of Single-Sex Education

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Is single-sex education really that much better than co-ed schooling? Many don’t think so. Although having single-sex school would reduce interactions between each gender we should still have the mixture of boys and girls because it gives us an opportunity of making more friends, getting our academic levels higher, and maybe even getting a free education. Some people say that single-sex education students are smarter because they get a better education but that isn’t always the case. Schooling isn’t different in either type of school, besides having only one gender or both, it’s just the way you look at it. One reason for having co-ed schools more than single-sex schools would be that people won’t have as many friends or social interacting opportunities. This is because they won’t have the exposure to others except the same people of the same gender all of the time. Here’s what some said about the situation. “I was bored at lunchtime and didn’t find school socially stimulating.”(Tasovac, Brooke - Child) “Psychologist Jessica Webster says there’s a connection between social development, happiness and academic performance, and social problems at school can affect a child’s engagement with learning, regardless of whether a certain type of school is more likely to achieve better results.”(Tasovac, Brooke - Child) “Matthew says he believes his switch from a co-ed high school to an all-boys high school when he was a teenager had a negative impact on him.”(Tasovac, Brooke -
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