Pros And Cons Of Single Sex Schools

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In one classroom, each of the walls are covered with cheetah and zebra stripes, and a poster hangs on the wall saying “Act Pretty at all Times.” In the classroom next door, the walls are covered with photos of race cars, football players, and sports teams, and a poster behind the teacher’s desk says “Coaches Corner.” During 2006, Margaret Spelling, Education Secretary, gradually allowed the idea of single sex education, a form of education in which boys and girls are separated by gender based upon the differences of how they learn and behave. Since then, more and more school districts around the world have been open to the idea of single sex education and have begun converting to single sex schools and classes. People in favor of this form of education claim that teachers are able to use teaching techniques suited to the gender they teach and teachers are able to educate their gender in an individual way to expand the students success. People also claim that the occurrence of the opposite gender makes educating students more challenging and students of the same gender are able to gain self esteem and pride in the single gender environment. However, single sex education has been a point of contention for many people across the world. Single sex schools and classes have been an issue, as they are built upon promoting stereotypes based on the behavior of boys and girls and the way they learn. Organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union have opposed this form of
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