Pros And Cons Of Sixth Sense Technology

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1. INTRODUCTION When we hear the word “sixth sense” we started relating the word with the blind people extraordinary power. Likewise, the word “Sixth Sense” meaning is connected with our technology also. Sixth Sense Technology is a wearable gesture based computer system. It augments the physical world around us and converts them into digital information. It works with the help of natural hand gestures [1]. Steve Mann of MIT media lab developed Sixth Sense Technology in 1994 and later on advancement have been made. Later on Pranav Mistry of MIT media lab made the proper modification and implementation of Sixth Sense Technology in 2009. It comprises of a pocket projector, camera, color bands, mirror and all are connected to the mobile computing devices [2]. Figure 1: Prototype of Sixth Sense technology [3] Whenever a…show more content…
Figure 3.5.1: Example of fingerprint matching Figure 3.5.2: Example of fingerprint matching 3. Limitations Sixth Sense Technology constraints are the major factor of its not proper execution. The security issues are some of the loop holes in the device that does not provide accuracy of the data [4]. 1. It does not provide privacy in projection as when it is reflected on any surface, it can be easily seen by others. 2. Projection is poor during daytime and it is better during night. 3. Manufacturing of device is very costly, presently the device costs $350. 4. Different types of health issues arises as Sixth Sense‘s projection technology [2]. 5. Sixth Sense Device can be used as a tool for destruction because of it can be used in the medical sector [9]. 6. Sixth Sense Device prototype model is an open source and can be misuse by anyone [12]. 7.

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