Why Is Slavery Important In America

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Slavery in America, particularly in the Southern region, was heavily depended upon due to the high demand for labor. Historically, slaves were primarily blacks but race did not become an issue until 1650, when Virginia and Maryland claimed that infidel (non Christian) slaves could be enslaved for life. Following this claim, non-whites became a target for slavery. In 1739, a group of rebellious slaves paraded towards Georgia and Florida, and killed several whites at Stono, South Carolina. After these white killings, slave codes were implemented to end rebellion and restrict mobility. Slave codes were a series of laws and regulations that slave owners used to control slaves more efficiently. Louisiana Code Noir of 1724 and South Carolina Slave Code of 1740 are examples of slave codes. These two slave…show more content…
These slave codes placed harsh restrictions on slaves, depriving them of their rights and turning them into properties. However, slavery has been abolished in the United States of America thanks to many abolitionists. Many slaves are now free men and women. Nothing can be done to repair the wrongs of slavery, for it will always remain in the past. Now, Americans need to look to the future where slavery does not exist, where black and whites are found equal, and where racist is not a factor. Slavery can not be seen as a good thing. Supporters of slavery had no right to deprive slaves of their freedom, and make them properties and assets. There may be times when the Africans were powerless to prevent justice, but there must never be a time when they fail to protest. Thanks to the Quakers and other Abolitionists, we are leaving peacefully without any war. It has already been done and since nothing can change it, all we have to do is accept it. If these slaveholders knew the world will turn out to be this way without any slaves, I believe they would have loved
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