Pros And Cons Of Smart Phones

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My smartphone has been my world, I mean what teenagers phone isn’t? Smartphones are always usually a strong topic with people, especially with my parents. Every night I hear, “You’re always on your phone, you never spend enough time with us,” and my personal favorite, “I pay for your phone and can take it away anytime I want to”. I imagine conversations like these go through teens households all over the world. “Ding” there goes my phone again, right after having a boarder line house firing conversation about my phone, I see text message from a group text with some of my friends. It was a safari link to an article, The Atlantic Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? At this point my mother was cooled down from the conversation before, but trust me reading a 51 paragraph article on my phone didn’t help my situation. Growing up with a phone since fourth grade you become pretty tech savvy compared to most adults today. Being a privileged fourth…show more content…
Which they were correct, smartphones have many down sides. One of those down sides according to an article called 18 Essential Pros and Cons of Cell Phones is, cheating. I don’t know one teenager that doesn’t bring their phone to school which obviously makes it ten times easier to cheat on math science or language art tests. Like I said I don’t know any teen that doesn’t bring their phone to school because more than half of the teens are addicted to their smartphones. The idea of leaving their phones at home gives them too much anxiety to be able to focus on any homework. Before they even get to school, high schoolers will be driving with their phone buzzing, ringing, and playing music all at the same time. This isn’t ideal for any driver especially teens who only have one to three years of experience of driving, “Teens also aren’t good with temptation, if a phone buzzes their first instinct is to look at even if they’re driving”(Pros and Cons of

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