Should Cigarettes Be Illegal Essay

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Should cigarettes be illegal? Should smoking be illegal? Yes, you may ask yourself why? Simply because it results in a large number of death’s (the most in the uk to be precise).Most of us aren’t aware of the side effects from smoking cigarettes, which is very worrying to me. According to the NHS, its estimated that over 120,000 deaths are caused by smoking annually. All those cigarettes that you smoke then leads to horrible effects later in life; e.g. Cancer, Brain Damage, high blood pressure, gum disease etc. People still somehow find some sort of satisfaction whilst smoking cigarettes, so why do people continue to do so? Nevertheless my views on cigarettes will always be the same, they should be illegal. Simply because it results in thousands of deaths and millions of pounds from the NHS to cure those mindless people. 1 In every 5th death is caused by the inhalation of cigarettes. Scary right? Unfortunately it doesn’t stop there, the average smoker will lose about 10 years of life their life expectancy just because of smoking. If that doesn’t make you contemplate the fact you are still wasting ‘precious’ money on cigarettes and then willing to smoke them, I honestly…show more content…
It’s the best way forward for the economy, country and our health. However, banning cigarettes or any type of tobacco will not be too as effortlessly done as you may think. We would most likely have to go through a referendum. Referendums take a great deal of Years. It’s a great way to gather everyone’s opinions and vote. But in the recent years, we have seen some protests and violence in the U.K. It doesn’t happen just in the uk, recently Spain held an referendum about splitting from Catalonia. This referendum resulted in a numerous of protests, fights and even deaths. So this wouldn’t be the smartest idea if we introduced an referendum for banning smoking, but we could find another Solution which could potentially
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