Pros And Cons Of Snow Leopard

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In his article, Hemmer points out that the snow leopard basically hunts on mountain wild goats and sheep. In the alpine meadows, in the middle belt of mountains and in the coniferous forest, the snow leopard hunts deer and boars. He also eats small animals, including marmots. In the Pamirs, it feeds mainly on Siberian mountain goats, rarely on argali. In the Himalayas, the snow leopard hunts mountain goats, wild rams, small deer, Tibetan hares. Vegetable food - green parts of plants, grass, etc. - snow leopards are used in addition to meat ration only in the summer.
With a sharp decrease in the number of wild ungulates, the snow leopard sometimes begins to attack livestock. In Kashmir, he attacks domestic goats, sheep, and horses.
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