Pros And Cons Of Social Media Addiction Essay

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A study conducted by Dr. Bryany Banford indicated that high amounts of time spent on social media leads to insecurity, which can lead to depression. Social Media is any site where members of society can share information among others. Social media includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others. Social media has its pros and cons, but unfortunately the cons outweigh the pros. Although social media grants citizens to contact others and see what they are doing, but is it really worth the hassle just to see what the rest of the population is doing? Even though the general public accredits social media with social enhancement, it actually has a negative impact on humanity due to technology addiction, promotion of cyberbullying, and lack of sleep.…show more content…
77% of parents say their teens get distracted by their devices, and do not pay attention when they are together. The article Social Media Addiction: Assessment and Treatment it states that “one who spends a lot of time thinking about social media, how to use it, and what to post next can result in addiction and lack of privacy.”Everyone in society should be paying attention to everything going on around them, and not a cell phone. 50% of teens say they feel addicted to their mobile device. One who may be experiencing job, relationship, or family problems, and addiction becomes a convenient way to temporarily soothe the underlying stress and depression created by the said problem. Social media should never become an outlet to forget about personal problems. Once someone is addicted studies show that when cell service is not available, people become restless, anxious, and even
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