Pros And Cons Of Social Media Essay

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Pros and Cons of Social media

What is social media? So social media is an application to make a communication between a person to another person or in group communication from a far distance. Nowadays many people from all generations use social media in their life. Beside that they also use social media as a place for business like selling their products and advertising their products. Beside selling and advertising products there are also several functions of social media for example many companies use social media for a place to do their meeting about their job if they did not have time to do it face to face with social media they will be able to do their meeting face to face from a different place.

Based on the data from CNN Indonesia (24/10/2016) there are many young generations in Indonesia from the ages of 20 to 29 years old that like to use social media every day and the percentage of it is around 80% from all young people in Indonesia. The percentage of it is keep increasing until now. In the category of 20 to 29 years old people there are around 47 million social media users in Indonesia.

In this text now, I want to discuss about the impact of social media in our life. Based on my opinion social media can make people become lazier than before they use it especially for the young generations that I just talk about. For example, many students like to use social media until they forgot about their time because they always focus on chatting, talking or anything
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