Pros And Cons Of Social Media In Schools

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“Little people doing little things in little places everywhere can change the world” this quote by Anwar Fazal about social networking sites and its great and rapid effects on the world, the statistics shows the number of social network users worldwide from 2010 to 2014 is estimated around 2013 billion social network users around the globe, and fully 95% of all teens ages 12-17 are now online, which means that almost all students have accounts on social networks. And now many schools started to block social network sites and put it as a rule in the schools because of it affects badly on students and their education. Although it might be thought that social networking sites should be blocked in schools because it causes distraction…show more content…
They thought that social networking sites at schools aren’t use ful to the learning process, however, using social media in the classroom can be very useful, it can encourage and motivate the students to participate especially for students who don’t participate in the class, they can express their thoughts and opinions through social media and when they get admiration from their teacher and friends they will be motivated to share their thoughts and express it face to face and by time the students will be more confident. Next, also opponents think that social media can cause a distraction in the class, but, if there is no social media in schools there won’t be any distraction in schools!! of course not. So, there are many factors causing distraction in schools not only social network sites like lateness, talking, eating and unprepared and that according to the article “ the benefits of using social media in classrooms” By GDC team. To wrap up social networking sites despites it have disadvantages it also have many useful advantages for student’s educational program and education…show more content…
Social media sites increase student collaboration. Its making students easily contact one another regarding schools projects, group assignment to discuss freely in their project and the teacher can join with them. Also its important and for students who have difficulty in expressing their thoughts in classrooms they can discuss their thoughts with their friends and teacher online in the break time and let the classroom time for teaching. The second point that social media help keep parents, teachers and students all on the same page like in face book which allow teachers to easily communicate through private message to parents, and let the parent know what’s going in school like events. So that, its opportunity to communicate directly with parents and that’s according to Vancouver tutot Susan Cumberland she is the owner of school is easy and she has a masters of education in educational leadership and counseling and she mentioned this information in her article “5 pros and cons of social media in the class room”. Its important to help students understand that using social media for learning isn’t an opportunity for them to engage and entertainment with their friends. Finally, social media important for keeping parents in contact with teachers and help students to contact with their colleagues, teachers if they had group work and make
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