Pros And Cons Of Social Media In Vietnam

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Banning Social Medias in Vietnam Social media is a worldwide network that is filled with false information and social pressure which can affect everyone. It is not too late for Vietnam to control social media because of national security and violent content that can pollute kids’ mind. Without national security, harm can come to the Vietnamese government due to hacking and valuable information being stolen. Many vietnamese children are addicted to the internet which can cause social problems and kids being abused sexually. Many countries viewed national security as an important issue for the protection against terrorism and hacking. Hacking is an action in which a computer programmer uses their government sensitive informations knowledge…show more content…
Social media often contained threatening content to the Vietnamese children and the addiction to the internet which can lead way to sexual abuse and social problems. There are about twenty-five million internet users who are kids under eighteen. It is a huge threat that “children are so used to chatting to their friends that sometimes they believe they are chatting online to people they know.” According to the Vietnam news, youngsters are naive into thinking that other people on the internet are their friends even if it is just strangers. There is a lot of harmful content on the internet which children can become victims. It will be easy for sexual predators to contact kids by looking at the picture posted online to figure out the home address. They would pretend to be a friend of the parents or family member for a chance to take the kid home and abuse the child. Other huge risks that Vietnamese children often face is being sexually exploited for money. They are shown online throughout the world for sexual predators who pay to see. Kids using social media can lead to many social problems. The entire life involves Facebook as it becomes the main source of entertainment for young children as “over ninety seven percent of local children have Facebook accounts.” Children in Vietnam are easily miserable and worried about being banned on Facebook. Sixty-five percent of teens and middle schoolers try to
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