Pros And Cons Of Social Media

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Social Media
In this era of 21st century is the time of technological development. Many people have a creative idea to create something new. One of the idea whos popular right now is ‘Social Media’. What is social media? According to Wikipedia, Social media is media in the form of web or application where the users can share content or just want to participate social networking. So, social media is a place where people gather through websites or apps where people can share any content. Example of Social Media is like facebook, instagram, and many more. Social Media is so important right now because all of information is on social media. Social media includes both domestic and overseas information, that’s why social media is important and very needed. If one day we don’t access social media then we will lag a lot of information. Social media can eliminate boredom too. Social Media has a negative and positive impact there are a pros and cons when using social media.
One of negative effect of social media is Anti-Social. Anti Social is a state where human beings begin to be insensitive to araumstances, more personal concerns, doesn’t care with people around. The example of anti-social is if there are big event, family event, reunion, or event with many people actually the purpose of the event is to streghten friendship or multiply friends, anti-social is just silent and see the handphone for a long time and doesn’t care about the event, and of couse can’t get a new friends.
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