Pros And Cons Of Social Media

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Pros and cons of social media

“Internet addiction even worries Silicon Valley”, a Guardian-article by Tracy McVeigh, describes how psychologists and technicians alike are worried about side-effects of the extended internet usage in our day. Internet use disorder has become a recognized illness with specialized treatment centers. In the article, Tony Dokopil, a Newsweek writer, is quoted saying that evidence of the internet having a negative effect on mental health is piling up. A part of the problem is that compa-nies require employees to stay within reach at all time, which is extremely stress-ful. A congress about finding the difficult balance is to take place with attendance of giants like Facebook and Google.
In a second Guardian-article, “Teenagers and social networking - it might actually be good for them”, Clive Thompson expresses another view on online life, specifical-ly on teenagers’. In his opinion, newspapers print only the most shocking accounts. Whilst he finds it normal to worry, he points out that no studies have established a connection between use of social media and poor social skill, in fact the opposite correlation is found; teenagers, who spend more time on social media are more so-cial overall. He also maintains that social media teaches social rules, that teenag-ers tailor their online life to fit them, and that surprisingly few teenagers have been bullied online.
In the Washington Post-article, “Ten years after Facebook launched social media is
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