Pros And Cons Of Socrates

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Socrates is trying to test the point that no individual aspires to do or want things that are bad for this. This is because he states that no individuals yearns to be miserable and unhappy. This, undeniably, is true. However, even though no individual wishes to be miserable and unhappy, people do wish to make other individuals miserable and unhappy. What Socrates fails to see is that countless amounts of individuals wish to do bad deeds and hurt others, however, they themselves do not want to be made unhappy throughout that process. Example of these types of people are terrorists. On the other hand, teenagers seeking to emotionally abuse a friend can be seen under this category. This is because even though they wish to hurt their friend, they mistakingly believe that the friendship will remain intact.…show more content…
One includes, “ Do you mean that they believe the bad things to be good, or that they know they are bad and nevertheless desire them,” to which Meno replies, “I think there are both kinds.” (Meno) This quote is fantastic as it is very prevalent in today’s society. An example is that many fellow Americans have goals, however, there any many ways to obtain these goals that are not morally just. With that said, however, many individuals are not aware that the choices they make are unjust and morally deplorable. Another great excerpt is, “Is it clear then that those who do not know things to be bad do not desire what is bad, but they desire those things that they believe to be good but that are in fact bad.”
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