Solar Energy Pros And Cons Essay

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Pro 1 A Con (sorta) is the price of solar energy, or is it? according to a big reason why solar energy is so expensive in the USA right now is because of past years demands, Quote “In 2011, Germany boasted more than 21 times the solar power, per capita, of the U.S, which helped to drive down the price. And given that imbalance, American companies had a comparatively tougher task recruiting customers, so they spent 10 times as much as their foreign counterparts did on marketing costs.” This is horrible for America because we are losing out on essentially ( after initial costs ) free energy that we could be using to power our homes, computers and other things To speak further about the price of solar panels, They have dropped…show more content…
Pro 5 In my research there was a lot of controversy on this one but Solar energy isn’t specifically required to be near the equator, a prime example is Germany they have the highest capacity of solar power, and they still are affected by snow rain etc. ( we must consider as well that they are the number 1 economy in Europe currently ) Pro 6 With Houses that actually can afford solar they will see their electricity bill being reduced, using up solar itself instead of using grid electricity can save them money and if they have left over energy? you can then resell the energy back to the electric company for some profit. Pro 7 Solar Energy can be used (theoretically) any were in the world, I say theoretically because with weather issues and such it is impractical in some cases, but places that are off the grid completely like some area’s like camps, cabins etc in the middle of the woods all can receive power to use basic necessities, power water heaters for warm showers, power cell phone chargers and store power using rechargeable batteries for the

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